Monday, June 11, 2012

Heading to HOT, HOT, MIAMI and reaching for FITNESS STATUS // Team Peanut Sponsors

I am honored to have a spot in the Status Fitness Magazine's Cover Model Contest for June of 2012 for a chance to qualify for the Finals in December 2012!!

It’s in the finals where The World’s Top 100 Sexiest Fitness Models for 2012 will be selected and published in a future issue of Status. One of those girls chosen will appear on the cover.
Being a fitness model is a brand new DREAM of mine that came with my love for competing last year.

Since my first shoot in Vegas last fall, I have been practicing and working hard at improving my modeling skills. I've found that with my passion for performing on stage I also like to have fun in front of the camera. There's something so empowering about feeling strong AND sexy. I would like to inspire others with beautiful images that show confidence, class and exactly who I am.

 Photography by Leigh Hagen

Please VOTE FOR ME HERE, I need as many votes as I can get for the month of June to really set me a part. You can vote 5x per 24 hour period and I would love the support. It's actually great timing to be on their site right now since I will be competing at Fitness Universe and STATUS reps will be there.

This opportunity is a great way for my name and face to hit the fitness industry while I work so hard at my competitions!

SHARE this for me if you'd like too ;)

THANK YOU for your time!

I am off to Miami, FL to compete in both Figure and Fitness at Fitness Universe!!! I am thrilled to be performing in such a large scaled competition and will do my best to make everyone proud. I also will have the opportunity to shoot with the well-known photographer Eva Simon who lives in South Florida. She is an expert when it comes to shooting on the beaches of Miami so I am estatic and can't wait!!! All of the hard work will be worth it, especially the few days of relaxing in Florida before heading back home to Minnesota!

I will make sure to post pictures and videos when we get back. The destination alone has me extremely excited since I have not vacationed to many warm locations before. My close friends and I will be staying in a house only 15 minutes away from South Beach. I plan on sleeping in the sun quite a bit once the show is over. I'll be saying "Bring on the sushi and cocktails!!!"

You will be able to watch my performance and strut it on stage LIVE on the Fitness Universe Webcast or ESPN2. Check out the schedule here LIVE TELEVISION

Because of you I have been blessed with this amazing opportunity to do what I love and reach for my dreams. Whether you are my close friend, a new fitness friend, or someone I bump into the gym now and then...words cannot express enough how much I want to say THANKS! I hope to make you all very proud in Miami at Fitness Universe!

I wanted to make a list of all of the wonderful TP sponsors for an official SHOUT OUT! If I missed your name please let me know so I can add you. Oh and BTW, the pictures are AWESOME!!!

Tara Haertzen,
Aly ProTrainer,
Kay Jordt,
Sienna Bahlmann,
Jackie W,
Tarah Andrews,
Al Norby,
Tracy Norby,
Stephani Bloomquist,
Eric Johnson 
Sarah Stenbeck,
Alex Aimling,

Monica Simpson,
Kimberly Lowell Klenner
Krista Jensen,
Dan, Que,
Frank Jones,
Heidi Mason,
Laura Berenstein,
Nick Bez,
Mark Lallo,
Angie McLain,
Amber Blom,
 Katie Haggerty,
Olivia Baker,
Annie Wylie,
Melissa Connelly,
Jasmine Loveland,

James Loveland,
Jade Loveland,
Sandra Avelli,
Lori Trotter,
Sarah Bono,
Lynn Weatherson,
Kim Marcotta,
Carol Kramer Smorch,
Lauren Nietzel,
Trisha Hartung 

See you all when I get home!!!
~ BethanyJN (PEANUT)

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