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"TOP 10 FINALIST" at my very first "Fitness America Competition" // LAS VEGAS - Nov 2011

"THAT WAS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER DONE!!!" I get choked up just thinking about the final rounds of Fitness Division at Fitness America in Vegas. I came out from backstage to greet my friends and said those very words with tears in my eyes. The love and support that I had from my friends who were there and watching me back home made it all the more AMAZING!

Myself and 9 others had just been called out for TOP 10! 

The whole "Vegas Experience"... ...started a couple of days before the competition. I flew out with my coach Tara and some of the other Perfectly Prepared competitors. We all got settled in at the Golden Nugget in Downtown "Old" Vegas (I highly recommend this hotel if you don't plan on staying on the Strip). The next morning we had an early wake-up call of 5:00 am for tanning, hair and makeup to get ready for our photo shoot with Eva Simon. Before heading out to our shoot location we made it through the line of over 300 competitors to register for the Fitness America Competition.

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getting settled in at the Golden Nugget hotel

beauty PREP and van TRAVELING for our EVA shoot

The photo shoot...
..was held at a fun, old-fashioned styled tourist location in Nelson, NV about 40 minutes from Vegas. We were styled in a sexy western look to collaborate with the breathtaking backdrop of the dessert and sandy surroundings. We were even warned about the rattle snakes and dangerous cacti!!! Eva and her assistant got to work right away and began short 15 minute shoot segments with each girl. The weather was perfect at a warm 70 degrees and it felt even warmer in the sun!

All of us felt very comfortable with the photographer Eva and had the support of our coach Tara as well. The shoot was so much fun and all of us ladies were taking each moment in. We were so thankful for the opportunity and knew how big of a deal this shoot could be for each of us!

with the amazing Eva Simon!
on the road in VEGAS!

feelin' FRISKY!

gorgeous day for a photoSHOOT!
the one and only Miss TARA ANDREWS

We wrapped things up at the location to continue shooting back at the Golden Nugget in Eva's hotel room. We had one more look to create with a white-screen backdrop! You could do either "swimwear" or a "fitness" look. As I got started, Eva adjusted the fan so it could blow in my hair and I was immediately hit with chills. Not literal chills, but emotional chills. The moment was something I will never forget. I thought to myself, "how did I get here?" My girlfriends were standing in the background, all cheering me on and saying wonderful things.

But the best moment... of all was seeing my proud Coach T's Tara Annemarie Haertzen (Tara Annemarie Thatcher) face with tears in her eyes as she watched me pose away! As she peaked at Eva's camera and then looked up at me, I could just see her excitement which gave me the perfect amount of confidence and ease as I hit each pose. I give all of the credit to Tara for pushing me to get where I am today and for always seeking great new opportunities for me. I would not have gone to Vegas, had a life-changing photo shoot and competed in Fitness America if it were not for her. I am proud to call Tara my Coach and Fitness Manager. She is one of the best in the business and always has MY best interest at heart. She's honest, trustworthy, dedicated, giving and has become one of my closest friends. I believe that Tara has been put in my life for such a specific reason and I couldn't be more grateful.

Now onto the competition! Being in Vegas for such a big show was exciting and overwhelming. Keep in mind that this was only my SECOND time competing in both Figure and Fitness. On Friday I felt lean and mean with butterflies in my stomach.Walking and Posing for the Open Figure Short prelims got my nerves out of the way and I felt more comfortable with the larger scaled stage. Now onto FITNESS! Friday evening we started in our performance costumes and the Open Fitness class had 35 women. After the Men's class and Classic Women's class finished, we got ready to hit the stage one-by-one. As I hit my beginning pose and danced through the first 2 eight counts of my routine I felt the crowd's energy and knew the GAME WAS ON!

First time on a Fitness America stage!!!

Perfectly Prepared crew having a nice meal!
Performing my own choreography and feeling stronger than ever on the stage for Fitness America was THE COOLEST thing I have ever done and fulfilled a dream that I never even knew that I had! Before I knew it, I was up on stage with all of the Open Fitness Competitors after dancing the opening number (see YouTube video below this post). We all lined up in anticipation as the announce the TOP 10 ladies who were able to move on to the FINALS round. I'll admit that I had this sudden "good luck" feeling before they called my name since I somehow ended up smack in the middle of the line. I tried to keep myself composed after hearing my number and name called out. That was it, the dream had just happened. I made TOP 10!

{OPEN FITNESS DIVISION - 35 competitors}
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{Beyonce Girls Run The World" FA Routine}

To view a better taping of my Fitness Performance check out this
VIDEO CLIP recorded from the Fitness America live webcast.

Finals Comparison Round
The next couple of hours was a BLUR! The Top 10 girls had to perform their routine again in front of a whole new batch of judges. After our routines were finished we had a quick wardrobe change in to our swimwear. Each competitor had a highlight walk and posing to impress the judges with their physique and personality.We were also split into two groups of 5 for comparison rounds in our costumes and swimwear.

Finals Swimwear Round
Check out the YouTube video below this post to see my Finals Question Round. After it was all said and done, we were brought out one last time to have the winners announced. Seeing the TOP 5 winners step forward and the Fitness America champion be awarded right in front of me with the best seat in the house was a wonderful experience. To be that close to a goal of mine that I'm working towards was the best teaser a competitor could get. That moment only made me more excited to keep working harder and perfect my skills. Someday I would like to see myself standing there with the TOP 5 and then mastering the fitness scene with an overall 1st place title. My destiny is only what I make of it!


Dear Tara (my Coach T), Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to travel with your team of women to have one of the best experiences of my life! The trip would not have been the same if I would not have had your knowledge to rely on. I would not have gone to Fitness America without having met you. Your coaching, prep advice, and resources are absolutely PRICELESS! I love recommending your services to female competitors or women thinking of getting into the fitness scene. I am proud to be Perfectly Prepared!

Dear Al (my Trainer) and Tracy Norby, Thank you for your never-ending support and guidance. Whether it was personal training sessions, life coaching, gluten-free meals, or just fun nights out, you both were great friends to have around. Even with the weeks of encouragement leading up to my show, you gave me the best gift ever by traveling all of the way out to Vegas to see me compete and cheer me on. "You were meant to be on the stage!" - Al Norby   

Dear Tarah (my "competitor-in-crime"), Thank you for always loving me for who I am and where I'm at in my life. You've been incredibly giving to me from the beginning of our friendship with advice, resources and opportunities. You and I want very similar things for ourselves and I had no idea that I would become so close with another model/competitor with no desire to be jealousor spiteful. I am glad that my muscles and moves won you over from the moment we met. Love you, wifey

{World Physique's} 

You might be wondering what I would gain for winning a contest like this. I would get the chance to work with a well-known Chicago photographer, a free-subscription to World Physique's Magazine, and the title "Ms. World Physique" for the month of January. It would also help me gain some great exposure, networking and credibility in the fitness industry.

"My goal is too bring a sense of charm, character and class to any opportunity that I might have in the Fitness industry!" - Bethany JN

The voting starts JANUARY 3RD 
and closes at the end of the month.
Please show your love and support for a
fun Fitness Personality like me!!!

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BethanyJN (Peanut)

BethanyJN's Fitness Routine at Fitness America 2012

BethanyJN's Fitness Routine at Fitness America 2011

Interview Round (TOP 10 FINALIST) - FITNESS AMERICA 2011