Monday, August 1, 2011

Vote For Me! - World Physique Modeling Contest

Vote for me

Since I competed in my first Figure/Fitness Competition this May, one of my new goals is to be a Fitness Model. I'm taking things one step at a time and learning about the industry as I go. In the next few weeks, I will have a photo-shoot with Proex Portrait for some fun "head-shots" to start building a portfolio. To get my feet a little wet, I decided to enter World Physique's Female Modeling Contest @

You might be wondering what I would gain for winning a contest like this. I would get the chance to work with a well-known Chicago photographer, a free-subscription to World Physique's Magazine, and the title "Ms. World Physique" for the month of August. It would also help me gain some great exposure, networking and credibility in the fitness industry.

"My goal is too bring a sense of charm, character and class to any opportunity that I might have in Fitness Modeling!" - Bethany

The voting starts AUGUST 2ND 
and closes at the end of the month.

Please show your love and support for a
fun Fitness Personality like me!!!

Click here to VOTE!

-------------------------- { SUMMER LOVIN' } --------------------------

Since the end of May, I have been in my first "Off-Season" from dieting and training. At first, I felt very lost and confused because I had become so use to my routine. Part of me was worried that with all of the "fun foods" and a bit of partying would set me right back to the weight I was last summer (20 lbs more). For a while I would weigh in every morning to see where things were at and freak out when things seemed so up and down.

 But after about 2 weeks, my body and mind adjusted to the whole thing. I kept active with my favorite workouts and also maintained a normal healthy diet. I still eat about 5 small meals a day, partly because my body is use to it and is hungry all of the time. I still focus on watching my carb in-take and make sure I'm getting a fair amount of protein. I admit I have enjoyed the cocktails, GF cookies with peanut butter when I feel like it and my favorite summer treat has been a Wendy's chocolate frosty!


I have been pleasantly surprised that with the treats here and there I have been able to maintain a realistic weight for myself. My goal has been to try and stay within 5-7 lbs of my competition weight. Starting this week I will begin my "Training Diet" for my next competition in the fall. Going into my second training season is a little different than the first time because now I know what to expect AND dread!

Wish me luck while I start my 2nd Training Season! Here are some fun things I've done this summer and also ones that I still have to look forward to...

Day at a Waterpark

Bike Rides

Chelsea Handler Comedy Show

Jetskiing on Lake Minnetonka

Outdoor Cardio Boxing and Zumba


Sleepovers with my younger sister

Laying out by the Pool


Katy Perry Concert

Sushi on the Crave Patio

Britt and Adam's Wedding

Having fun in the pool with friends!

Oh, why does it have to end!!
Hope you have a great rest of the summer
and don't forget to VOTE!


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