Monday, August 8, 2011

Wanna be a {WARRIOR}? Try "Warrior Sculpt"!! // MY WORKOUTS (Vol. 1)

What is Warrior Sculpt?
Vinyasa Yoga + Weight Training = One Hard-Core, Sweaty Boot-Camp

I've been taking Warrior Sculpt Classes since February when I joined the LifeTime Fitness in Eden Prairie. I stumbled upon the class right about the same time that I decided to start training for my first competition. Let's just say it was a perfect fit for me. I began taking Nick Bez class on Thursday nights and each week it was challenging and rewarding. Nick has a great way of making you feel welcome by calling you "Buddy" and also giving people shout-outs throughout the class. He also likes to make things light and fun with giving the hardest moves creative nicknames like "The Beyonce" or "The New Yorker".

"So proud of you - it's refreshingly inspiring to see
someone set a goal & then completely crush it, you rock!
I'm honored I was able to assist! :)" 
 - Nick Bez

{WARRIOR SCULPT with Katie and Nick}
@ Eden Prairie Lifetime Fitness

I had become a yogi a couple years back because of my chronic pain issues, but this was yoga on a whole other level. The yoga room is hot, the music is mostly hip-hop and pumping loudly. You do a great vinyasa flow and then add in some weights for cardio circuits and low-resistance lifting. My good friend, Katie Haggerty leads an AMAZING class on Tuesday nights. It is just one hour of sweaty goodness! Katie pushes you to a place you never knew you had and makes you laugh while you are doing it. I used these classes as my "cardio sessions" believe it or not! I bet I burn at least 500 calories and sweat out any water weight I might have that day.

The yoga practice, sweat, stretching and meditation also brings such a great focus to my life. Without it, I wouldn't feel as grounded as I do. Even if you don't enjoy or are intimidated by the specific moves of YOGA...this class is worth taking a chance on!

You will be pumped-up, challenged,
sweaty AND refreshed by the time you leave!

Without Nick and Katie's WARRIOR SCULPT classes, I wouldn't feel the way I do today! If Warrior Sculpt isn't a class that interests you, find one that does with an AMAZING instructor, coach or trainer that pushes you to the edge. Having a "coach" that you can consider a friend and look forward to seeing each week is sometimes all you need to get yourself to class!

 -------------------------  {MODELING CONTEST}  -------------------------

Since I competed in my first Figure/Fitness Competition this May, one of my new goals is to be a Fitness Model. I'm taking things one step at a time and learning about the industry as I go. In the next few weeks, I will have a photo-shoot with Proex Portrait for some fun "head-shots" to start building a portfolio. To get my feet a little wet, I decided to enter World Physique's Female Modeling Contest @

You might be wondering what I would gain for winning a contest like this. I would get the chance to work with a well-known Chicago photographer, a free-subscription to World Physique's Magazine, and the title "Ms. World Physique" for the month of August. It would also help me gain some great exposure, networking and credibility in the fitness industry.

"My goal is too bring a sense of charm, character and class to any opportunity that I might have in Fitness Modeling!"
- Bethany

The voting closes at the END OF THE MONTH.
If you already voted, please VOTE AGAIN!

Show your love and support for a
Fun FITNESS Personality like me!!!

Click here to VOTE!

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