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The Truth About Refined Grains

When ground into flours, most grains act like sugar in the body,
triggering weight gain, inflammation and blood-sugar imbalances.
Here’s why whole kernels are a better option. | Healthy Eating

{30 PERSONAL TRAINING with Al Norby}
@ Minnetonka Snap Fitness
I have been working with personal trainer, Al Norby for about a year and a half now. Together, we have made quite the overhaul on my physique and I couln't have done it without his knowledge and encouragement. Al has always had my back, and I look forward to every new session!

Al has kept things interesting with quick and intense sessions that are only 30 minutes long! If you are looking to achieve some personal goals for yourself,  During my training season he will also mix in short bursts of cardio for me to make sure I was getting a lot of circuit training. The cardio excercises are important for me to get my body fat down, but my least favorite ones to do (only because they're harder). In between weight sets Al will have me jump rope, run sprints on the treadmill, or tap my feet super fast on a bosu with a 25 lb. plate in my hands.

Al trains at a Snap Fitness Club in Minnetonka, MN. It is one of the largest Snap Fitness clubs in the Twin Cities and has access to excellent cardio and free weights, cables and other fitness equipment. I STRONGLY recommend investing in a personal trainer who will show up when you don't "feel" like doing the work."Specializing in motivation, accountability and expert strategies my passion is simply seeing clients ENJOY success." - Al Norby

AL NORBY - A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer

{DANCE JAM with Katie Haggerty}
@ St. Louis Park Lifetime Fitness

I have been attending Katie's Dance Jam (cardio hip-hop) class for almost 5 years now. We have become very good friends over the years and share the same passion for dance! Katie is amazing at what she does in every class form she teached and also is the head of the Group Fitness department for both St. Louis Park and Eden Prairie LIFETIME locations.

In her class, Dance Jam, Katie delivers fast-paced, heart-pumping moves with a range of simple to challenging choreography for all different dance levels. The music and Katie's energy alone will keep you going in this 75 minute cardio class. You completely forget that you are there to workout because you are having so much fun. Without this class my week wouldn't start on such a great foot!

{WARRIOR SCULPT with Katie and Nick}
@ Eden Prairie Lifetime Fitness

I stumbled upon the Warrior Sculpt classes right about the same time that I decided to start training for my first competition. Let's just say it was a perfect fit for me. I began taking Nick Bez class on Thursday nights and each week it was challenging and rewarding. Nick has a great way of making you feel welcome by calling you "Buddy" and also giving people shout-outs throughout the class.

Katie's class on Tuesday is just one hour of sweaty goodness. She pushes you to a place you never knew you had and makes you laugh while you are doing it. I used these classes as my "cardio sessions" believe it or not! I bet I burn at least 500 calories and sweat out any water weight I might have that day. The yoga practice, sweat, stretching and meditation also brings such a great focus to my life. Without it, I wouldn't feel as grounded as I do.

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